Property funding and investment

Our expertise in healthcare property funding and the strong relationships we have with a range of funders and investors means our experts are able to structure flexible, affordable and value-for-money solutions, which respond to clients’ service objectives.

Prime is able to deliver project funding right from early stage development, through to the construction and operational phase. We can deliver capital projects for owner occupiers or investment solutions for those who prefer to lease; our experts can even combine capital and revenue solutions within a single project.

We have also supported clients in their bids for grant funding. This has included charitable grants, securing Department of Health funding for exemplar projects and leading successful bids for NHS England’s Estates and Technology Transformation Fund.

Working with NHS Foundation Trusts, our property investment expertise allows us to offer bespoke funding solutions, providing access to private investment. This allows Trusts to benefit from improved facilities and infrastructure, while still retaining ownership and control of their estate. Whether looking for a car parking solution or a new main entrance, we can provide the investment to finance these, while reducing client risk.

Our proven experience in providing funding for more than 100 projects, supported by our in-house financial modelling and legal teams means we keep project progress on track, while delivering the best outcomes for our clients.

Funding and investment service we procure include:
  • Property investment
  • Grants
  • Financial modelling
  • Risk management/assessment
  • Contract advice & negotiations
  • Balance sheet advice
  • Building contract drafting & negotiations
  • Project finance
  • Market testing
  • Project feasibility
  • Procurement advice
  • Contract monitoring & administration
  • VAT recovery expertise