Sara Leonard

Hyve House Manager | Hyve Management

Sara is responsible for the day-to-day operations of Hyve properties including managing tenants, the facilities management team and monitoring related activities which mitigate Hyve operational risks.

Sara develops and maintains relationships with NHS trust accommodation and HR teams, performance monitors the facilities management teams and escalates any tenant and facilities issues which give rise to business risk.

With a background in running operational buildings and executive management, Sara brings a natural enthusiasm to the role and the Hyve product.

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"It’s so rewarding working as House Manager at Alexandra House. Our tenants have personally told me they feel an increased sense of security living here. They’re also feeling happier in their job as being part of a community made up of their colleagues has really improved their home life. It’s a delight knowing that Alexandra House has provided them with so much comfort and, essentially, improved their way of life."