Mark Stride

Construction Manager | Construction & Asset Management | BSc (Hons)

As Construction Manager, Mark oversees Prime’s projects from development and appointments of consultants through to the construction phase and practical completion. Mark’s responsibilities include scoping a project to ensure it is realistic, manageable and followed during the construction phase, ensuring risks are mitigated and that projects are completed on time, on budget and meet high quality standards.

Mark is an experienced Project Manager with 10 years of experience in the housing, extracare and commercial sectors. He has published two journals on encouraging a new generation of young adults to start careers in the construction industry. Mark obtained a 1st Class Honours Degree in Construction Management from The University of Wolverhampton and is currently studying towards a PhD in skills shortages within the construction industry.


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"I love bringing paper to life by overseeing the construction of health and care facilities, working within tight timescales and delivering a high-quality product, whilst improving the wellbeing of the communities we work in."