Yeovil District Hospital Car Parking and Access

Yeovil District Hospital Car Parking and Access


Yeovil District Hospital NHS Foundation Trust


Sustainability and social value

Extensive landscaping introduced on site including plants, shrubs and mature trees

Living green wall installed

How solving a 20-year parking problem unlocked a strategic vision.

In delivering this gateway project, Prime didn’t just solve a 20-year parking problem, we helped Yeovil District Hospital NHS Foundation Trust take urgent action towards achieving their strategic vision of an integrated health and social care campus.

Utilising Prime’s development expertise of finding solutions to seemingly impossible challenges, we helped the Trust to achieve an affordable, sustainable outcome that delivered benefits to both patients and staff while finding solutions that reduce inconvenience to local residents.

The £15.2m multi-storey car park at Yeovil District Hospital is one of several successful projects delivered through the Trust’s Strategic Estates Partnership with Prime. It epitomises Prime’s ability to deliver cost-efficient solutions, identify investment opportunities and progress a scheme rapidly to completion.

Before its development, the creation of essential clinical facilities had become virtually impossible, due to the land-locked location of the site. The car park became a pivotal project for the future development plans of the site, not only improving the quality and capacity of parking for patients, visitors and staff but also freeing up additional land on the site for redevelopment and new patient services.

Aware of the pressure a growing and ageing population was having on the hospital, Prime helped the Trust to plan for future demands of them. Building the car park development into a wider strategic vision demonstrates the importance of holistic planning, and our ability to deliver transformational change to a hospital with an ageing estate and limited capital.

The gateway project improves parking and access for staff and patients thanks to its convenient location adjacent to the main hospital entrance. Benefitting from the expertise of its private sector partner, the Trust had the capability and capacity to progress the scheme quickly _ resulting in the creation of 650 spaces to accommodate increased visitor numbers.

Prime’s development expertise enabled us to deliver creative solutions that reduced the project costs and better-utilised space within the site. This included a Vertical Circulation Module layout system to work with the challenging topography and remove the need for costly excavation work. With a keen eye on improving long term accessibility, we worked on plans for a new road to link Higher Kingston and the A37 into the car park scheme. The new one-way system across the hospital ensures that vehicles can easily access and exit the site, without causing inconvenience to local residents.

Driven by the Trust’s masterplan and the need to deliver affordable, high-quality facilities that improve the patient experience, Prime focused on providing a funding and contract structure that ensures ownership and management of the car park stay with the Trust. With our commercial expertise, the Trust was able to access an innovative funding solution that has ensured income and profit from the scheme are reinvested directly into frontline services. In solving these challenges, Prime has led the Trust into decisive action towards the sustainability and future legacy of their estate.

Developing space for change in health and care

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