Woodgate Valley Primary Care Centre

Woodgate Valley Primary Care Centre

Birmingham, United Kingdom

South Birmingham PCT


Public private

Delivered by Prime’s LIFT partnership, BaS LIFT, Woodgate Valley Primary Care Centre is a pioneering development, allowing GPs and nursing staff to offer a wide range of healthcare services within the heart of the community for the very first time.

With a requirement for a high quality design that would be welcoming, encourage collaborative working and offer flexibility for the future, Prime conducted a detailed consultation with staff and service users. The resulting building is imaginative and colourful, providing GP treatment and consultation space on the ground floor for ease of access, with staff offices and primary care trust accommodation located above.

In addition to a pharmacy, the centre offers services that would have previously only been available in a hospital setting, including mental health counselling, occupational therapy and an asthma clinic, helping to further improve the health outcomes of the local population.

The building makes a welcome addition to the local area and has been commended by the Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment (CABE) for its quality and attention to detail.