Stockland Green Primary Care Centre

Stockland Green Primary Care Centre

Stockland Green, Birmingham, United Kingdom

3 GP practices; Birmingham East and North Primary Care Trust


Public private

This large, edge-of-city primary care centre is designed to accommodate more than ten service providers under one roof, including three GP practices, while offering patients a fully integrated healthcare solution.

Delivered by Prime’s LIFT partnership, BaS LIFT, a development site was sourced next to the current centre, eliminating the need for temporary accommodation during construction and avoiding disruption to services. Benefitting from Prime’s service planning expertise, the three storey building has been designed to maximise available floor space, providing room for a number of services and community facilities. These include speech and language therapy, physiotherapy, community nursing, health visiting, a minor surgery suite, dental facilities and a pharmacy. The provision of shared space and bookable rooms also provides potential expansion space and flexibility for the future.