Sparkhill Primary Care Centre

Sparkhill Primary Care Centre

Sparkhill, Birmingham, United Kingdom

Two GP practices; Heart of Birmingham Teaching Primary Care Trust


Public private

Sparkhill Primary Care Centre is a three storey contemporary facility, creating space for new and improved health services on an extremely tight site, spanning less than half an acre on Sparkhill’s busy high street.

Relocating a number of primary care services into one easily accessible location, the health centre has been designed to maximise available space, while offering a welcoming environment to patients and staff. In addition to two GP practices, the centre offers nursing and dental facilities, counselling, substance abuse advice and a range of out-of-hospital services, including podiatry and physiotherapy, bringing care closer to the heart of the community.

As well as delivering services in an easily accessible location, Sparkhill Primary Care Centre has been designed to encourage better community engagement. Having worked closely with patients, residents and service providers, bright and vibrant colours have been used to create a welcoming, non-clinical environment, while several community artwork pieces generate a sense of pride within the local population.

Delivered by Prime’s LIFT partnership, BaS LIFT, the centre demonstrates how more sustainable healthcare facilities can be constructed in densely urban cities, where space for new developments is limited, signalling a new era in healthcare and community engagement.