Somerville Medical Centre

Somerville Medical Centre

Gorsey Lane, Wallasey, Merseyside


Brownfield, Urban

Private equity/debt

Prime returns to Sommerville to build a further extension.

The original project was a GP-led scheme for a new purpose-built medical centre with pharmacy, close to the Wallasey Kingsway tunnel entrance. Staff were moving from a converted 1950s semi-detached house, so it was important to create a more suitable building.

Prime purchased the GP’s premises as part of the deal, as well as a former boat yard site on Gorsey Lane where the new centre would stand.

However, this site was filled with contaminated material which needed addressing, with the cost of this remediation deducted from the land price.

Once in situ, the number of people using Somerville grew quickly and the two-storey, L-shaped building was extended in 2009.

We built on space that was used for parking, and purchased further land to replace these car parking spaces, resolving some title difficulties in the process. This complex work was done with great sensitivity due to the medical centre’s busy day-to-day operation.

The result was a larger, fit-for-purpose medical centre that offers services including acupuncture, vaccinations, minor surgery and maternity care, plus diabetes and blood pressure checks, child health surveillance and immunisations.