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Fingerpost Primary Care Centre

Three of St Helen’s GP surgeries were suffering from cramped, outdated buildings.

When the opportunity arose to create a modern purpose-built health centre, alongside office accommodation for Halton and St Helens PCT and further clinical facilities, all three practices were keen to work with Prime and explore the possibility of a move. Whilst everyone was aware that a new building could bring major benefits to patient care, it was still a huge task to create a health centre that all three proudly independent practices would be happy with.

This is why Prime conducted a thorough consultation with all interested parties to devise a building that would meet the specific needs of each practice and still remain flexible for any future expansion of services.

I would recommend Prime. They’re not just the bricks and mortar people. They made the transition easy for us”

Chris Cunliffe, Practice Manager at Cornerstone Surgery
Fingerpost Park Health Centre gives each GP practice a separate light and spacious wing. Consulting rooms are situated on the ground floor for patient accessibility, while spiral staircases lead to office facilities for the PCT – offering local people a one-stop shop for their primary care needs.

Merseyside, United Kingdom
Three GP practices/Halton and St Helens PCT
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