Calsayseat Medical Group

Calsayseat Medical Group

Calsayseat Road, Aberdeen, United Kingdom

Calsayseat Medical Group


Private equity/debt

The original practice building was more than 100 years old and despite two extensions, without car parking or a lift for less-able patients, it was no longer suitable.

Primarily, the fast-expanding practice desperately needed a new facility to be able to offer increased services and to provide an out-of-hours consultancy.

Servicing a heavily urbanised area they wanted to remain close to their patients but this also meant higher commercial land values. The ideal location was a narrow strip of land directly opposite the existing building, an awkward plot sandwiched between a main arterial road and a live railway line.

Working with the practice, liaising with council committees and the rail network as well as detailed public consultations, Prime used its experience to secure the land and gain the necessary approvals. The team then completed the new three storey practice building with an underground car park in just 11 months from the start of the contract. The result is a distinctive, purpose-designed building, which is a source of pride for both staff and patients alike.

Comments from patients have been more than positive. It really is a lovely building. It’s light and airy and we’re now able to offer out-of-hours consultancy in a much more secure environment. This means peace of mind for both the practice and patients.”

Jackie Cairns, Practice Manager, Calsayseat Medical Group