Prime Foundation projects

Newton Farm Community Association

Healthy Eating sessions

Residents in Newton Farm, Hereford, have been getting a lesson in healthy eating thanks to a series of group support events, funded by the Prime Foundation.


Newton Farm Community Association (NFCA) offers free services to people living in the Newton Farm area of the City to promote good physical and mental health. The NFCA applied to the Prime Foundation for financial support to expand its healthy lifestyles programme with a series of group activities focused on healthy eating. Held at the Belmont Community Centre, these included sessions for recipe swapping and sharing, tasting new foods and how to prepare simple, affordable meals.


Karen Pritchard, spokesperson for NFCA, said: “The funding has helped us to encourage more people in Newton Farm to take better care of their physical health and wellbeing, while meeting new people and learning skills which they can use at home in their own kitchens.”

Fort Royal Community School

Sensory Garden

A sensory garden is bringing children closer to nature at Fort Royal Community Primary School in Worcester.

The school applied for funding to create an accessible garden for its pupils, who have physical and learning disabilities. With a grant from the Prime Foundation in place staff were able to seek assistance from Worcestershire Wildlife Consultancy which supported them in selecting plants which would stimulate the senses and attract wildlife. Pathways were installed throughout to ensure the garden was fully wheelchair accessible, giving children ready access to nature in a safe environment.

Sue Molloy from the school said, “There were several areas of our site that weren’t accessible to some of our pupils. It’s great that our little ‘conker wood’ is now a sensory garden for all our pupils to enjoy. We’re really looking forward to maintaining it and watching it grow.”

Castle Primary School

Outdoor classroom

Pupils at Castle Primary School, in Mow Cop, now take lessons in the great outdoors thanks to a grant from the Prime Foundation, which has helped pay for a new outside classroom.

Funds have been used by the school to build an outdoor space that provides students with more nature-based activities to build confidence, enhance wellbeing and enrich their learning experience. Designed in collaboration with pupils at the school, the outdoor classroom features a construction and woodworking area, giant Jenga, a place for musical percussion and multi-sensory surfaces including AstroTurf, bark and slate.

The idea for the outdoor classroom came from the school’s headteacher David Bell, who has previous experience in developing landscapes for children. David said: “Students, teachers and parents are all very enthusiastic about what we have been able to achieve with the outside classroom. It offers a new dimension in learning for the children, and is a facility the school will benefit from for many years to come as it grows and evolves with the needs of our pupils.