Sparkbrook Community and Health Centre


The project is a vital element to the wider regeneration of Sparkbrook and is an excellent example of our commitment to a joint working approach with our partners, by delivering a best practice model for how different parts of the public sector can provide integrated services for the citizens of Birmingham.

- Cllr Ian Ward, Deputy Leader at Birmingham City Council

  • Commercial
  • Community care
  • Community facility
  • Dental
  • Pharmacy/Dispensary
  • Primary care
  • 4430 Sqm

Sparkbrook Community and Health Centre

Sparkbrook Community and Health Centre is part of a £12 million landmark hub, combining Birmingham’s first joint health and council building and a newly constructed Christ Church, reviving health and wellbeing services for this 31,000 strong population.

Delivered by Prime’s LIFT partnership, BaS LIFT, on behalf of Heart of Birmingham Teaching Primary Care Trust, Birmingham City Council and the Diocese of Birmingham, the development demonstrates how a shared vision, successful collaboration, and Prime’s property and funding expertise, has created a truly integrated facility for the benefit of the local community.

This centre combines three GP practices with physiotherapy, dental services and a range of support clinics, including family planning and mental health support. As the home for Birmingham City Council’s Customer Service Centre, the facility also provides benefits advice, housing and homeless services, as well as start-up offices for social enterprises. The neighbouring church is part of a new generation of community facilities, offering worship space, rooms for general community use and a cafe.

Providing a platform for holistic community and health services, the centre creates an environment to encourage cross-referral between services and offer fully integrated patient solutions, setting a benchmark for future programmes in the city.