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Investing in our people

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Without our staff, Prime wouldn't be the company it is today - and most importantly, we couldn’t do what we do for our clients. We want to have a business we can all be proud of, an environment where people feel motivated and somewhere that is a really great place to work. Listening to our staff is a key part of this.

Our annual staff survey is just one of a number of ways our employees can give us feedback and share their thoughts and ideas – from rating how we’re performing, recognising areas of the business that are working well and looking at how we can continually improve as both a company and an employer.

Interserve Prime Logo

As well as staff surveys, we hold regular company-wide briefings to share ideas, company news and progress updates. We also involve people from across the business in each and every one of our projects. It’s a way for us to develop our staff, use the skills and experience we have in-house and to ultimately improve our ways of working. This is something we really value.

  • Interserve Prime Logo
  • Interserve Prime Logo

Our values

We value people who are passionate, inquisitve, have a ‘can do’ approach and ultimately, enjoy what they do. In partnership with our staff, we introduced the ‘Prime Charter’ – a way for us to recognise the culture and values of our business, while ensuring we continually strive to be the very best we can be.

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As part of our commitment, we are also ‘Investors in People’ accredited. This recognises the importance we place in creating a working environment where people feel valued and are able to contribute to our business in a meaningful way. We are proud of what we’ve achieved so far – but we are always looking at ways to do better!


As a leading provider of health and social care property solutions with a UK-wide portfolio, we recognise the significant impact our activities can have on the environment and within the communities in which we work.

We recognise that our actions affect people both inside and outside our organisation and we strive to maintain the highest standards of ethical conduct and corporate responsibility. We deliver whenever possible on our stated aims with the highest standards of fairness and integrity and encourage this approach with our partners, suppliers and stakeholders.

Prime Foundation

The Prime Foundation is a charity which supports community projects in neighbourhoods where we’ve built new schemes.

Whenever a new building is completed and occupied, we make a donation to the Prime Foundation fund. Local charitable organisations can then apply for grants from the fund to pay for or contribute towards community projects.

A wide variety of local projects are funded, such as a sensory garden for a community special school, new kit for a junior martial arts club, park benches for a conservation group, set up costs for a new women’s health advice centre and two supported holidays for a disabled child and his parents.


At Prime we are committed to achieving high standards for our business, employees, clients and partners.

We work to strict codes of conduct and practice and have accreditations with the following institutions:

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  • BSI 9001
  • BSI 14001
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