Prime’s new report explores solution to the NHS recruitment and retention crisis

4th September 2023

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Prime’s new report explores solution to the NHS recruitment and retention crisis

The recruitment and retention of skilled healthcare professionals within the NHS is a critical concern that demands immediate attention. A significant factor is the lack of suitable housing options, which severely impedes and hampers our recruitment and retention efforts.

We have spent the last few years leveraging our expertise to develop, test and action a proprietary key worker accommodation model that addresses this increasing urgency.

Our latest Insights report – Accommodating a Brighter Future – explores Prime’s innovative and transformative solution that develops, funds and builds high-quality, affordable and furnished key worker accommodation at pace.

Hyve by Prime supports health and care services to deliver long-term value and utilise key worker accommodation as a significant part of their recruitment and retention strategy. With flexible design and structure, Prime’s model allows these providers to adapt to the changing needs of residents while meeting their long-term strategic ambitions.

Hyve removes the demand risk for NHS trusts, enabling change to be delivered at pace. Prime’s extensive health and care property development experience also empowers leaders to overcome the accounting, planning and funding challenges currently restricting progress.

Whilst key worker housing is only part of the solution, we believe it is a vital component in supporting the aim of the NHS Long Term Workforce Plan to train, retain and reform this essential workforce for the future of our health and care services.

Read more and download the report here:

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