Prime charity calls for applications from good causes in Hereford 31 May 2018

Applications are being accepted from now until July 2018 for good causes and charities in Hereford, keen to secure funding from the newly relaunched Prime Foundation.

The Prime Foundation, a registered charity, was originally established in 2007 to provide further investment to communities where Prime has built new facilities – whether that is a primary care centre, a care home or a new hospital building. Each time a project is completed, Prime donates a proportion of its profits to the Foundation, which then distributes the money as grants to local initiatives or groups.

Successful recipients of Prime Foundation grants will match one or more of the charity’s aims and objectives – these are to advance education outside of the classroom, promote good physical and mental health and further the enhancement of social wellbeing through recreation.

To increase the reach of the grant scheme and ensure local people are able to maximise the benefits of it, the Prime Foundation application process has recently been revised to make it easier to apply for funding. The new online application process has gone live to coincide with the launch of the scheme for Hereford.

Prime recently completed work on the design, development and planning for a new 70-bed care home on Hafod Road in Hereford, on the site of the former Hereford Council headquarters. To celebrate the close of the project £2,700 has been donated to the Prime Foundation for distribution to good causes in Hereford.

Leighton Chumbley at the Prime Foundation said: “The Prime Foundation is proud to support initiatives which have a positive impact at a local level and improve lives within the community. We look forward to receiving applications and finding out more about the individuals and organisations making a difference to the people of Hereford.”

The closing date for Hereford applications is 18 July 2018. Click here for more information or send any enquiries to

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