Prime and Hereford Medical Group offer a virtual tour around Hereford’s new super surgery

11th December 2020

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Prime and Hereford Medical Group offer a virtual tour around Hereford’s new super surgery

Due to the current social distancing restrictions, Prime is offering patients and staff a virtual tour of the new Station Medical Centre building in Hereford. Due to due to current Covid-19 guidelines all GP surgery patients can only visit Station Medical Centre if they have a pre-booked appointment.

The super surgery has 30,677 sq ft of floorspace over three floors and houses five city GP surgeries. It has 49 clinical rooms including a Clinical Activity Room and Minor Operations Suite.

Station Medical Centre represents the biggest ever single investment in primary care for Herefordshire.

The centre’s reception staff, dressed in appropriate personal protective equipment, are  on hand to answer any questions patients may have.

Ceri Chaplin, Business Manager, Hereford Medical Group, said: “When we merged just over two years ago the next target was always going to be the development of a new surgery building to replace five of our older premises.

“Despite a global pandemic we are excited to be moving into Station Medical Centre.

“The building has been designed to allow us to develop services with a physiotherapy activity room and minor operations suite and purpose-built administration and education areas along with staff relaxation areas.”

Bob Smaylen, Prime’s Development Director, said: “The importance of the medical centre was recognised at the highest level when the Prime Minister visited in August to inspect the building. In normal circumstances we would have a full opening ceremony, however, due to the current restrictions, we haven’t been able to do that, and therefore we have prepared a video to showcase the fantastic building.

This is an example of collaboration between the public and private sectors and there have been a number of organisations who have played a critical part in the delivery of this facility including Herefordshire and Worcestershire CCG, NHS England, Speller Metcalfe, Assura and Hereford Medical Group.”

Dr Jonathan Duffett, GP Partner and Chair of Hereford Medical Group, said: “We are delighted to finally be starting patient services from the new centre.

“This amazing facility is the result of many years of detailed planning, collaboration and hard work by many people. The result is a building fit to provide care for decades to come. We are immensely grateful to all who contributed, including the patience and understanding of our patient population.”

Dr Andrew Watts, GP Partner and Clinical Director, said: “We feel fortunate to have been supported by the NHS to move into the wonderful new building. We loved our quirky old buildings that had served us well over recent decades, but there was just not enough space to accommodate all of our staff.

“In addition, there was insufficient ground floor space, with no lifts, meaning frail or disabled patients would sometimes struggle to climb the stairs or they would have to wait until a ground floor room was free.”

The new surgery will make a positive change to the delivery of GP services in the community, making them more sustainable and efficient, and improving the patient experience when seeing their local healthcare teams.


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