A new look and a re-energised outlook: our rebrand

6th June 2019 By Wendy Teo

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As our clients know, when what you present outside doesn’t reflect the dedication, professionalism and expertise inside, it’s time for a forward-thinking change.

Following two years of gradual and strategic organisational change, we partnered with brand specialists UnitedUs, for a complete assessment of our identity; what our purpose is and how we fit into the complicated world of healthcare property development.

After months of research, strategy and design we’re proud to launch our new brand – but it’s so much more than the new logo and this updated website. From today Prime has a new look and galvanised energy to showcase the breadth of our capabilities and commitment to proactive health and care. The rebrand process got to the heart of who we are, what we care about and how we can better support our clients as industry experts. The process enabled us to unearth our common goal: to create a future where outstanding care is never restricted by the space it’s delivered in.

As any of you who have worked with us will know, we invest in our projects – both literally through finding the right financial fit to bring a project to life, and emotionally because we wholeheartedly care about the impact that our work has. Through this rebrand process, we wanted to bring more of ourselves to the fore – to show who we are, not just the stats. From the end-users of the buildings we develop, and local community projects we support through our Foundation, to our own dynamic team – we’re committed to enriching health and wellbeing for everyone.

For me, one of the key things that came out of the brand review was the dedication and passion of our people, so I’m thrilled that UnitedUs have helped us express outwardly the problem-solving and compassionate mentality that has always been there.

Our renewed vision is to create a future where outstanding care is never restricted by the space it’s delivered in. We’re more committed than ever to transforming health and care spaces across the UK and helping our clients unlock their complex estate challenges.

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