Lockdown journey

Scroll down to take a look back on Prime’s COVID-19 lockdown journey so far – from birthdays to new starters, planning success to personal stories.


Former Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, speaking about the coronavirus
Mark Stride, Construction Manager
Leighton Chumbley, Chief Executive

Day 0
23 March 2020

Lockdown begins

Day 7
30 March 2020

Mark joins Prime

Day 7
30 March 2020

Leighton celebrates his 50th birthday (with a trip to the NEC)

Prime Wednesday Wave, a collection of Prime employees on FaceTime during the Coronavirus pandemic
Prime Sandwell project

Day 9
1 April 2020

The first ‘Wednesday Wave’

Day 17
9 April 2020

Sandwell and City receive planning consent

Day 25
17 April 2020

Prime reaches 500 LinkedIn followers

A large-scale pop-up covid centre made of tents and shipping containers
Prime’s Worcester project
Phil Holland, Chief Investment Officer, representing Prime in a branded cycling t-shirt before his bike ride

Day 28
20 April 2020

COVID-19 Referral Centre opens at NEC Birmingham

Day 31
23 April 2020

Worcester care home receive planning consent

Day 31
23 April 2020

Phil’s charity bike ride

Prime celebrate kindness during Mental Health Awareness Week

Day 56
18 May 2020

Kindness pinboard for Mental Health Awareness Week

Day 58
22 May 2020

Primes reaches the 1000th WIP number on Sharepoint

Day 62
26 May 2020

Chelsea Anderson during lockdown

Day 69
2 June 2020

Heather Alexander during lockdown

Day 76
9 June 2020

Sarah Wells during lockdown

Day 84
17 June 2020

Nathan Salmon during lockdown

Coventry University Hospital, busy and welcoming
Lydia Roberts, PA to the Director of Construction Strategy returns from maternity leave ready to work

Day 85
18 June 2020

Coventry car park receives planning consent

Day 90
23 June 2020

Lydia returns from maternity leave

Day 93
26 June 2020

Scott Hopcutt during lockdown

Craig Herrick, Development Manager

Day 98
1 July 2020

Craig joins Prime