Ending change paralysis in NHS estates: how to forge ahead in uncertain times.


In an uncertain world, there are two options for NHS estates

Option one is to hold on and hope for a more certain future where politics and technology are no longer creating an ever-shifting landscape. But this time will never come so to wait is dangerous; compromising safety, demotivating staff and costing more in the long-term.

The other option? Forge ahead. Turn uncertainty into opportunity. Look for positives and possibilities. Blaze a trail and create a legacy to be proud of. With many organisations feeling as if they need to move slowly in the current climate, the NHS is suffering from change paralysis which could lead to failing buildings, falling trust and issues for future generations. By revealing how it’s possible to move forward and the risks of not doing so, our report will celebrate the GP practices, hospitals and care homes who are forging ahead and making incredible change to their estates. We’ll challenge you to think innovatively about your own approach to estates and to hear the stories of people who are leading the way.

Ending Change Paralysis report cover

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Download the report to uncover the hidden cost of delayed estates projects and gain critical perspectives from leaders across the industry on how to mitigate against them and get spades in the ground quickly. Featuring a foreword from Sir Robert Naylor, along with interviews from the leaders of Belong Care Villages, University Hospital of Southampton, Yeovil District Hospital, Bevan Brittan, M&G, WSP, Herefordshire CCG, Hereford Medical Group, Aviva and Prime.

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