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Ending Change Paralysis in NHS Estates: How to Forge Ahead in Uncertain Times

In an uncertain world, there are two options for NHS estates

Option one is to hold on and hope for a more certain future where politics and technology are no longer creating an ever-shifting landscape. But this time will never come so to wait is dangerous; compromising safety, demotivating staff and costing more in the long-term.

The other option? Forge ahead. Turn uncertainty into opportunity. Look for positives and possibilities. Blaze a trail and create a legacy to be proud of.

With many organisations feeling as if they need to move slowly in the current climate, the NHS is suffering from change paralysis which could lead to failing buildings, falling trust and issues for future generations. By revealing how it’s possible to move forward and the risks of not doing so, our report will celebrate the GP practices, hospitals and care homes who are forging ahead and making incredible change to their estates. We’ll challenge you to think innovatively about your own approach to estate and to hear the stories of people who are leading the way.

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Topping Out

Why investing in adaptable spaces today can help us prepare for tomorrow’s unknowns

Will Bilbrough

Development Director

The prospect of a global pandemic in the 21st Century has long been predicted; however, the reality of acclimating/adjusting to life in the face of a health emergency is a disruptive force of uncertainty that none of us were ready for.

Despite the best efforts of our health and care providers to rapidly adapt to the challenging circumstances of 2020, a critical lack of national policy planning, investment and preparedness for such an event has made dealing with the pandemic even more arduous for those across the sector.

Warnings from experts suggest that we are likely to be living with the COVID-19 virus for many years to come. So, as we look to the future of health and care buildings, could adaptable spaces that flex to changing clinical needs be the solution to managing uncertainty?

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How to develop an estates masterplan that creates the momentum to change everything

Kim Barnes
Associate Director

Within your trust, GP group or as a care provider, the chances are, you know exactly what your biggest estate issues are. But how to solve those intricate, intertwined issues is another question.

With such complexity and when so many previous projects have stalled, moving ahead can seem unmanageable. Central to getting started and moving in the right direction is having a long-term estates masterplan that is both practical and inspiring. So, how do you develop a compelling masterplan that will trigger the momentum you need to make genuine change happen?

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It doesn’t have to be this way, starting today.

Leighton Chumbley portrait Leighton Chumbley
Chief Executive Officer

There is a tendency for experts to say: “Here is the answer: make this one change and everything will magically work.” But it is not as simple as that. Every trust, care operator and GP practice has a unique set of issues requiring creativity backed up by experience and know-how to develop a way forward.

But planning that way forward today is essential. The longer you wait to solve estates problems, the more expensive they become and the more costly it is to operate struggling properties. The Department of Health is unable to fund what is required, but if you know where to look and how to take a commercial approach, finance is readily available.

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Prime Thoughtleadership
GP Premises

Which of these 6 GP property ownership models will accelerate your integration?

Phil Holland
Chief Investment Officer

Is there a simple way to choose the model of property ownership that will enable greater integration, better customer experience and increased flexibility in your area? Of course not, but by examining a number of key considerations, GPs, CCGs and trusts can start to remove estate barriers – eventually even turning them into opportunities.

Based on his experience of delivering complex healthcare property projects, Phil Holland, Chief Investment Officer at Prime, looks at the pros and cons of six different GP property approaches.

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