Apply for a grant

We welcome applications on behalf of any project which matches the Prime Foundation’s aims, which are:

  • Advancing education outside the classroom.
  • Promoting good physical and mental health.
  • Furthering the enhancement of social wellbeing through recreation.


How it works

Watch our short video below for an overview of the application process, and tips on what to bear in mind when applying.

Applicants can apply for all or part of the total grant value available. As part of the application process they must to detail how money will be spent and the benefits it will deliver to recipients. We invite applications during a fixed period and set a deadline for these. The funds are available only at the close of this set period.

How are applications assessed?

The assessment of applications is made against the aims of the Prime Foundation (above) as well as clear criteria stated on the application form. Applications are scored against the Grant Making Policy which can be found here. In situations where more than one applicant equally meets the criteria, the Board of Trustees may decide to split the funds between several projects.

What happens after the application?

Within one month of the application closing date, we may contact you for more information – this does not necessarily mean that your application has been successful. Within six weeks of the closing date for applications, when a decision is reached:

  • Successful applicant(s) will be contacted to arrange payment of funds by bank transfer;
  • Unsuccessful applicants will receive a notification email.

If your application for funding is successful our team may wish to work with you on a case study for our website, or to promote the project in the local media. A member of the Prime Foundation team may be in contact to arrange this. Grants are awarded subject to terms and conditions which will be supplied to successful applicants.

Is there someone I can contact for help when applying?

You can contact the Prime Foundation on email at or via the Prime Foundation Facebook page. Here you can also see recent posts with top tips on applications, and case studies on the type of projects the Prime Foundation has funded in the past.

Prime foundation kids playing


Applications for funding are currently closed.