The Prime Foundation

At the heart of Prime’s culture is a commitment to increasing wellbeing, both for our staff and the people we reach through our work. The Prime Foundation is a registered charity, founded with the aim of improving education, physical and mental health, and social wellbeing at a local level. With your know-how and our support with funding, we can do something amazing in your community.


Charity and social enterprise initiatives have never been more vital to public wellbeing. 

Prime Foundation project: The South Petherton Community Shed in Somerset

In the last year outstanding figures within communities have come together, or continued existing work, to ensure that local people had the resources and support they needed to live their fullest lives, despite the extraordinary impact of the pandemic. However, we understand that much of that activity has been hampered by a lack of funding. If you have a cause which needs financial support, we may be able to help.

As a property developer we are always guided by the aim of improving the wellbeing of the people we reach through our work. By donating funds to the Prime Foundation we take the extra step of re-investing a portion of our profits into initiatives which enhance quality of life at a community level.

With each new project completed we invite applications for funding from causes in the surrounding area. We also donate to projects near to our headquarters in Worcestershire.

We have funded schemes including community sheds, sensory gardens, sports teams, cycle workshops and online wellbeing courses. If you have a great cause that needs a financial boost to reach its goal, we’d be interested to hear from you.

To find out where funding is currently available and view the application information, click the link below.


The Prime Foundation aims

  • Advance education outside the classroom.
  • Promote good physical and mental health.
  • Further the enhancement of social wellbeing through recreation.
Prime foundation project of a family

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