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The money has been used to purchase a bubble panel, karaoke machine and an aroma fan panel, with the equipment being installed in the charity’s sensory rooms.

The bubble wall and aroma panel both have large coloured switches which offer choice and control. There is a remote switch box which is used to change the colours of the bubbles and to turn it on and off.

The aroma fan is a panel which is installed on the wall. Different smells are placed in boxes within the panel and when a coloured light is pressed the fan triggers the chosen smell.

Many people who go to the centre have syndromes or congenital birth conditions which mean they are cognitively impaired. People who have autism, cerebral palsy, Downs Syndrome, sensory impairments, Spina Bifida, Muscular Dystrophy, brain injuries and dementia all access the sensory rooms and music facilities, which promote relaxation and stimulation and give an opportunity to socialise.

The charity also received further funding from the Prime Foundation in 2020 to help fund online music sessions, amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Jane Roberts, Chief Officer from Worcester Snoezelen said: “We’re so grateful to have support from the Prime Foundation. The new equipment purchased has enhanced the quality of multi-sensory sessions at the Worcester Snoezelen and within the community.

“For many people with disabilities and in particular autism, having control and consistency means the difference between finding enjoyment or living in a heightened state of constant stress.”