Worcester Snoezelen

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Worcester Snoezelen

The Worcester Snoezelen is a leisure therapy centre offering a range of person-centered multisensory activities that aim to empower, bring joy, and help members communicate through alternative means. The centre provides a range of accessible and inclusive services that give people with disabilities and additional needs a space to be themselves and learn in an open and understanding environment.

The centre comprises three multisensory rooms, a hydrotherapy pool, soft play area, music and arts, plus an onsite café, and facilities for activity days and weekly children’s clubs. In 2019 the Prime Foundation funded new sensory equipment for these spaces in the form of a bubble panel, karaoke machine and aroma fan panel.

The following year, further funding was used to fund online music sessions, amid the coronavirus pandemic, so that patrons could keep in touch with each other and enjoy some sensory play online.

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“We’re so grateful to have support from the Prime Foundation. The new equipment purchased has enhanced the quality of multi-sensory sessions at the Worcester Snoezelen and within the community. For many people with disabilities and in particular autism, having control and consistency means the difference between finding enjoyment or living in a heightened state of constant stress.”

Jane Roberts, Chief Officer from Worcester Snoezelen