The Worcester Child Contact Centre

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The Worcester Child Contact Centre

The Worcester Child Contact Centre offers support to any family in Worcestershire in need of a neutral and safe space for children to see their non-resident parent in circumstances of family conflict or legal battles in connection with arrangements for access to children.   

The Prime Foundation awarded a grant to the organisation to fund books, furniture, toys, games and crafts to create a parent-child reading area to improve the enrichment activities available to visiting families.

To read more about the support available at the centre, click here. 

“The award from the Prime Foundation has enabled us to ensure the environment is a welcoming, pleasant and inclusive experience for children of all ages using the centre, offering a range of activities they can enjoy while they have time with their non-resident parent. The funding has meant we are able to provide a range of quality, engaging activities for separated families when they come together, to have the chance to build bridges in a calm and safe environment. The establishment of such positive ongoing relationships between parents and their children is an important building block for their future lives. ”

Liz Elliott, Trustee