The Vale Pantry

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The Vale Pantry

The Vale Pantry is a social supermarket in Dorset supporting families or individuals who struggle financially and who face food insecurity.

The Prime Foundation awarded a grant to the charity to cover 6 months of their ‘Let’s Get Cooking’ programme, providing families across North Dorset with classes on budgeting, bulk prepping, healthy eating and cooking lessons; after which, each family was sent home with a bag of fresh ingredients and a step-by-step guide to recreate the nutritious meal they’d just learned to prepare. 

Jeanette, mum of 3, emailed to say “Wow, I actually did it. I feel quite proud of myself for the first time in a long time – the kids loved dinner and ate everything! I promise to be a bit more adventurous going forwards now that I know I can actually do this.”

To read more about the excellent work being done at The Vale Pantry, click here.

“‘Let’s Get Cooking’ could not have happened without the help of the Prime Foundation. Helping our families learn about preparing and cooking a healthy nutritious meal from scratch is where it all starts! A hearty chicken casserole was first on the list, with all ingredients and a step by step card given to 100 of our families, around 400 people got together to eat a family meal cooked from scratch in our first week!”

Carole, Trustee