STEPWAY are a charity based in Worcestershire who support veterans and their families, particularly with the challenges faced re-entering into civilian life following service. 

Alongside a number of initiatives the charity run a community garden in Worcester. Paul, who maintains the garden, applied for funding to purchase a large shed on a pontoon that would ensure the safe keeping of equipment, create office space and a quiet area for patrons to talk. 

The team at Prime, alongside volunteers from local business Worcester Bosch, came together with STEPWAY to build the shed which has been of great use to the charity since.

To read more about the work STEPWAY do for their community, click here.

“The funding received from Prime Foundation has transformed and enhanced support services at the STEPWAY community garden...the office/workshop will benefit veterans, family members and the local community. The community project is a wellbeing service led by Paul Taylor; supporting all veterans in civilian life, no matter their background or circumstance; many of which suffer from mental health decline. This funding has enabled the charity to provide a private place for counselling and support sessions. Furthermore, the lead can deliver courses on mental health awareness, Beekeeping, woodwork, mushroom farming, biodiversity and hold a monthly Banter and Brew. STEPWAY would like to say a personal thank you to Prime Foundation for joining forces to improve mental wellbeing within the veteran community, reducing suicide and indirectly saving many lives in the future. ”

Dawn Turner, CEO