South Petherton Men’s Shed

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South Petherton Men’s Shed

The South Petherton Shed is a place where people come together to make and mend things, turning an activity that would usually be do alone at home, into an opportunity to socialise and share skills.

The Shed has a mixture of able bodied and disabled members, including those who suffer with dementia and arthritis. They work on individual projects as well as projects for other community groups in need.

“Previously all the work for our members was prepared using hand tools, but with our membership growing so rapidly, it’s become very time consuming for our volunteers to create kits in this way. Thanks to the Prime Foundation funding, we have been able to invest in power tools so we can quickly produce kits for our less able members to assemble and finish. The satisfaction this brings our members is immeasurable and we’re very grateful to the Prime Foundation for their interest and support for our project.”

Helen Beaufoy, Community Shed Organiser