Sholing Valleys Study Centre

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Sholing Valleys Study Centre

A Southampton-based study centre, set up to preserve a local nature reserve, was awarded funding from the Prime Foundation to start a number of educational programmes – providing the local community a way to connect with nature and learn about the history and biodiversity of Miller’s Pond.

Altogether, nine local primary schools visited the centre for a day of educational activities, Scouts and Guides groups were able to attend evening sessions and elderly members of the community enjoyed guided walking tours on the reserve, learning about the site’s history.

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“Funding from the Prime Foundation has enabled us to build more relationships with schools across the city which has led to more schools visiting the centre. The site is now much nicer to walk around since we’ve created pathways. Whereas before visitors would face an impasse in several different areas, they can now walk through the woods without getting lost.”

Mac Ince, Vice-Chair at Sholing Valleys Study Centre