New Beginnings Community

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New Beginnings Community

New Beginnings Community are a charity in Sandwell who provide locals with a place to go for activities, groups and signposting services. They work to alleviate the effects of poverty and isolation in the area.

The Prime Foundation were able to award funding to the group in order for them to make improvements to their community hub. This was used to buy new kitchen equipment, seating and some sensory play equipment for parent baby groups.

“The assistance provided by the Prime Foundation has enabled us to get the equipment we needed to make the community a success. We have replaced all the seating in the main hall and replaced kitchen equipment which meant we could have the kitchen reclassified by Food Standards and usable again...We have also been able to open up the space for ongoing community use...We are extremely thankful to the Prime Foundation for their belief in us.”

Peter Spence, Chair of Trustees