Evesham Adventure Playground Association

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Evesham Adventure Playground Association

The Evesham Adventure Playground Association is a charity supporting their local Worcestershire community by giving children, young people and families a space to have fun together and learn in a safe and sustainable environment.

Trained play workers and volunteers organise regular clubs, playschemes and workshops, keeping a focus on sustainability and maintaining spaces built.

The Prime Foundation were able to fund a new workshop whereby children and young people are trained in woodworking. So far, they have held classes on how to use a shave horse, make a wooden spoon, and even build large structures like an edible maze garden. 

To learn more, visit their website here.

“Funding from the Prime Foundation has enabled us to create and develop a safe space for children and adults to come together to learn and share new woodwork skills that benefit both themselves and the adventure playground - encouraging new play structure building and ownership of ‘their’ play site.”

Dave, Trustee