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Age UK Surrey

The Clockhouse Community Centre is a hub based in Surrey where locals can join in on a range of activities provided by Age UK.  

At the centre, patrons can book in with the hairdresser, podiatrist or tech support, meet for ‘tea and chat’ club at the café, or join in on group activities like crafts or walking club. 

The Prime Foundation awarded Age UK Surrey funding to buy Tovertafel projector equipment for use by their 10-3 Club and Memory Lane groups which provide memory cognitive simulation therapy). Through the machine, games are projected onto the floor which works well for a bigger group, or onto a table for smaller groups. There are quieter sessions in a small meditation room and livelier whole group activity sessions in the main room. To play the games, individuals use their hands, feet, or walking sticks to tap on the colourful images that appear.  

Melanie Sneller, Grants and Development Coordinator, said “a few favourite games so far have been breaking up ‘seedballs’ by stamping on them to scatter the seeds while birds move around pecking them up, popping bubbles that float across the floor, choosing items to pack in a suitcase for a holiday, and maths/word games to stimulate the memory… 

It’s encouraging to see group members engage so well with the activities and are keen to participate. Individuals who are not actively taking part enjoy watching the images as they appear and can feel included in the group session. The Tovertafel is providing a wonderful opportunity for social interaction between the group members, staff, and volunteers.” 

“It’s great fun having such an interactive game, everyone joined in, and we were all laughing by the end of the session!”

Clockhouse Community Centre Patron