Royal Surrey

Thank you for visiting our website as we share plans for a new staff car park and oncology centre at Royal Surrey County Hospital. This webpage is a place to view plans, learn more about the need for the new development and to keep up to date with progress on the project.


Our proposal

Royal Surrey NHS Foundation Trust provides emergency and general hospital services to a population of more than 330,000 across South West Surrey. To deliver outstanding care to the local population, the Trust employs over 4,500 staff many of whom travel to the hospital site each day.

The Trust have asked Prime to support them with the development of a new 600 space multi-storey staff car park (MSCP) on land known as Plot 23. The land is situated south of the main hospital campus off Rosalind Franklin Close and currently houses a 406 space temporary surface level car park. The project team are also exploring the opportunity to provide a private oncology outpatient centre at the same site.

This page provides an opportunity for you to view plans and give feedback before Prime submits a planning application to Guildford Borough Council. The planning application will include detailed designs of the car park and outline plans of the oncology centre which is in an earlier phase of development.

We thank you for taking the time to review these plans and look forward to hearing your thoughts.

Why is the development needed?

The Car Park

The Trust’s long-term aim is to provide nationally celebrated, community focused health and care. Part of delivering this goal is ensuring everyone who needs to reach the hospital campus is able to do so without being restricted or delayed by parking problems.

A lack of parking is currently causing issues at the hospital. A significant proportion of staff live outside Guildford with limited access to public transport. This leaves driving as the only option available for many.

Currently there are not enough parking spaces on site to meet the demands of staff, patients and visitors, making everyone’s journey to the hospital more stressful than it needs to be. Furthermore, the surface level car park at Plot 23 currently has temporary planning approval, if this expired the Trust would experience a parking crisis.

Prime’s proposal is to work with the Trust and Guildford Borough Council to create a secure long-term parking solution which also provides 194 additional spaces on the site, providing staff with a dedicated multi-storey care park thus freeing up more car parking on the main campus for use by patients and visitors.

Private Oncology Centre

Creating a multi-storey car park at Plot 23 will free up space on the land which can be used to create a new medical facility. Our plans include outline designs for a private oncology centre which could provide state of the art services and the very highest standard of care. The oncology centre would have its own dedicated car park, ensuring it placed no pressure on Trust spaces.

The site

The site is south of the main hospital campus, located off Rosalind Franklin Close, which is primarily accessed by the roundabout at the west end of Gill Avenue. The site currently provides a 406 space surface level car park.

The image to the left shows how the car park and oncology centre would sit within the site.


Our application does not ignore that Gill Avenue is under high demand by local road users attending not only the hospital, but also the research park and university buildings. The purpose of creating a new car park is not to draw additional traffic to the roadway, but rather to give existing traffic a place to go.

Congestion on the roads surrounding the hospital is greatly impacted by the number of cars circling the hospital campus in search of a place to park and then looping around the area.

Our proposal is to create a 600 space multi-storey car park at Plot 23, making better use of the land by providing 194 additional spaces and in turn improving the flow of traffic through the area.

Patients and visitors of Royal Surrey County Hospital will then be able to use the space freed up on the main hospital campus and experience a better journey to the hospital with less need to queue for a place to park.

We recognise that our plans will affect traffic on the roundabout on Gill Avenue and are working with a Transport Planner and the Surrey County Council Highways Department to assess this impact and identify any mitigating work that may be required to alleviate this.


Here are some examples of how the car park could look. Our current designs allow for the building to be six storeys in height, providing 600 parking spaces. The carpark would be coated in mesh which delivers a number of benefits, it ensures good ventilation and ages well as it does not stain or discolour over time. When the car park opens around 5% of its spaces will be allocated to electric cars, with the option to convert a further 5% to electric spaces in the future if needed. To guarantee optimum security for its users the car park will have good lighting, 100% CCTV coverage throughout and will also house a dedicated, manned security office on site.


This image demonstrates the landscaping plans for the site of as a whole. To improve biodiversity on the site, which currently features no soft landscaping, plans allow for the planting of trees and plants between the car park and oncology centre.

The feedback form for this project has now closed. Responses from the local community have been submitted to Guildford Borough Council as part of our planning application.

This page will remain live for your reference and will be updated with new information as the project progresses.


What is the timeline for the project?

Your feedback will help us develop our final plans. We hope to submit a planning application to Guildford Borough Council in March 2021. If the application is approved, we will be looking to start construction of the carpark towards the end of 2021.

How long will it take to build?

The construction work on the car park will take around 12 months to complete, subject to approvals. The car park should be operational by the end of 2022. Construction work on the oncology centre will take around 18 months to complete, subject to approvals. The centre should be operational by March 2023.

Will there be electric vehicle charging points in the new car park?

Yes, initially there will be approximately 30 with the ability to increase this to 60 in the future.

Will visitor or staff parking charges rise as a result of these improvements?

Visitor and staff parking price changes will not occur as a direct result of this facility being built. Charges are constantly under review.

Why don't your plans include detailed images of the Oncology Centre?

At present plans for the oncology centre are at an early phase of development. Prime will be applying to the Guilford Council Planning Department to approve the principle of providing an oncology centre at Plot 23 as part of our wider application to develop the site. A private operator will then work with the council to agree detailed designs.